It’s no secret that unplanned pregnancies can lead to unplanned expenses. If you’re considering abortion but are worried about the costs you may face, we’re here for you.

In this blog, we will be laying out potential costs related to an abortion, whether or not you can expect Medicaid to help you during this time, and where to find affordable services in your area. 

Will Florida Medicaid Cover an Abortion? 

In the state of Florida, women seeking an abortion will likely be responsible for the entire cost of the procedure. According to state law, all insurance plans, whether private or public, are unable to provide coverage for abortion procedures aside from the rare cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest. 

What are the Costs Related to Abortion?

The cost related to your abortion will depend on how far along you are and what type of abortion procedure you will undergo. 

Surgical abortions can be performed from the first trimester up until 24 weeks after the first day of your last period. The cost of a first-trimester abortion is typically around $500. Second-trimester abortion procedures cost roughly $1,200 and late-term abortions will cost $3,000 or more.

Medical abortions are only available to women in their first 10 weeks of pregnancy and cost around $500.

As you consider abortion and the costs you might encounter, remember that there will likely be extra costs. These can include medications and emergency surgery in case of complications, accommodation and travel expenses if necessary for your abortion, and, most importantly, necessary pre-abortion screenings and tests. 

What Should I Do Before Deciding if Abortion is Right for Me?

Before scheduling an appointment for an abortion, we recommend taking time to learn about the procedure and access the proper testing and screenings. These include things like lab-quality pregnancy testing, an ultrasound scan, and a pregnancy options consultation with a qualified counselor.

Not only are ultrasounds legally required prior to receiving an abortion in the state of Florida, but they’re also an important step in learning more about your pregnancy and the related costs.

During your ultrasound scan, you’ll get a glimpse into any unique health conditions that may put you at risk for abortion complications. You’ll also learn the gestational age of your pregnancy, which will determine what type of abortion you would be eligible for and how much it might cost.

Where Can I Find Free Emergency Pregnancy Services Near Me?

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